Relying on backup recovery is a good backup option to have, but it’s equally important to invest in security approaches that help you avoid ransomware in the first place. Here are few things you can easily do to help ensure it doesn’t come down to you putting all your eggs in the backup basket:

  1. Use a multi-layered security strategy: No security tool is 100% effective, but using a multi-layered approach that includes firewalls, antivirus, and behavioral-based malware detection can help ensure that even if one layer doesn’t catch a threat another layer will.
  2. Conduct user training, and lots of it: Whether it’s through malvertising, phishing, or social engineering the biggest weak point attackers target is user behavior. Schedule regular training with your users to go over best practices and how they can avoid having their computers compromised by malware.
  3. Patch early, patch often: Security software needs regular updates and patching to keep up with new cyber-attacks. Make sure all your security software is regularly updated.

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