Insights and Experts Webinar Series

Understanding the legal and insurance side of cybersecurity, insights from industry experts
July 15, 2021, at 9:00 AM

Clarity Technology has teamed up with industry leaders to bring you into the world of cybersecurity to help you minimize your risk collectively.  Expect to gain the knowledge needed to win the fight against hackers.

This is the first Clarity Insights and Experts webinar held July 15, 9 AM. You will hear from industry (legal, insurance, and technology) experts on timely topics and will:

  • Gain insights into compliance requirements for insuring your business
  • Learn what the law has to say on how to handle and protect yourself
  • Learn how technology can protect you from insurance and legal compliance
  • Discover how to communicate to your company the legal and insurance issues your face as a business

Meet the Panel of Experts

(click on an experts picture and read their bio)

Insurance Broker

Matt Gardner, CIC, CPIA
Mitchel Insurance Agency, Inc.

Insurance Carrier

Robert Nugent
Travelers Insurance


Gregory Barwell
WESP Barwell


Jason Comstock
Clarity Technology Solutions